conflict in north africa

conflict in north africa

War… war never changes. -Fallout About a month now has passed since the UN Security Council adopted resolution 1973, authorizing the establishment of a no-fly zone over Libya [1].  At the time, both the UNSC and the Obama administration framed this intervention as a humanitarian effort in which a coalition of nations would implement a … Continue reading

shifting tones in the abortion debate

shifting tones in the abortion debate

“Never let a problem to be solved become more important than the person to be loved.” -Barbara Johnson Few topics stoke passion from either end of the ideological spectrum as quickly and reliably as that of abortion.  This comes as no surprise; when the debate ranges over life and death, autonomy and individual freedoms, strong … Continue reading

a second look at the american dream

a second look at the american dream

“A bedrock American principle is the idea that all individuals should have the opportunity to succeed on the basis of their own effort, skill, and ingenuity.” -Ben Bernanke, Chairman of the Federal Reserve The American dream is a cornerstone of how we conceive our nation, a driving force since the colonies were first established.  It … Continue reading

proposals and priorities


For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also. -Gospel of Matthew, 6:21 Money has a funny way of clarifying things.  You see, whether you’re a politician in Washington or a plebeian at home, it’s easy to pay lip service to a host of ideals so long as no actual sacrifice is involved. … Continue reading

class consciousness and the american psyche

class consciousness

“Quando dou comida aos pobres chamam-me santo.  Quando pergunto por que eles são pobres chamam-me de comunista.” -Hélder Câmara, Archbishop of Recife America has a problem with class.  This is not to say that Americans are uncouth or have a penchant for truancy, but rather that the American public, as a whole, has a difficult … Continue reading

the cost of repealing health reform


“Medicine may be hard, but health insurance is simple… The subject’s famed complexity is a function of the forces protecting the status quo, not the issue itself.” -Ezra Klein When first brainstorming ideas for this blog, it seemed inevitable that the subject of health care in the United States would eventually come up.  What I … Continue reading


DC skyline

“Politics is not an end, but a means. It is not a product, but a process. It is the art of government. Like other values it has its counterfeits. So much emphasis has been placed upon the false that the significance of the true has been obscured and politics has come to convey the meaning … Continue reading