on the gop’s new vision for medicare

To all those who have been regularly checking in over the past few weeks, I thank you for your continued interest and support.  Recent obligations in life have kept me from writing as often as I’d like, and my updates have lapsed as a result.  Much has happened on the national stage while I’ve been … Continue reading

shifting tones in the abortion debate

shifting tones in the abortion debate

“Never let a problem to be solved become more important than the person to be loved.” -Barbara Johnson Few topics stoke passion from either end of the ideological spectrum as quickly and reliably as that of abortion.  This comes as no surprise; when the debate ranges over life and death, autonomy and individual freedoms, strong … Continue reading

the cost of repealing health reform


“Medicine may be hard, but health insurance is simple… The subject’s famed complexity is a function of the forces protecting the status quo, not the issue itself.” -Ezra Klein When first brainstorming ideas for this blog, it seemed inevitable that the subject of health care in the United States would eventually come up.  What I … Continue reading