About Me

In the interest of full disclosure, I will openly acknowledge that my views place me soundly towards the left end of the American political spectrum.  That said, I am also a Christian, and I consider my faith to be profoundly important in shaping how I perceive our society and my role in it.  While many would consider these two perspectives incongruous, I would instead argue that they are deeply reciprocatory.  For me, faith makes plain the primacy of justice and human dignity with which I approach our social policy, and the complexities of suffering addressed by a progressive ideology force me to constantly reevaluate and refine my worldview.  It is a subtle interplay, to be sure, but it lends itself to a voice I believe is decidedly lacking in our current political discourse.

I am happily married to my best friend of many years and am currently studying to be a physician.  We live alone for the time being, but we intend to add a few furry companions to the mix some time in the near future.

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